Traveling With Sex Toys The Right Way

Bringing sex toys along with you on a holiday sounds great. Whether it is a trip to the beach or to the hills, sex toys can brighten up a holiday ten times over. The only hesitation that you might have is whether it is safe to carry your sex toys along. If you are aware of how to pack and store your sex toys, there is absolutely nothing that could trouble you. The only thing that you need to be careful about is the law of the country that you are visiting. There are some countries that strictly prohibit sex toys and if you are visiting any such place, you would rather avoid bringing sex toys along.

The first step

The first step to take before traveling with your sex toys is to pack them in a way that so that they can be easily identified. Some travelers try to keep their sex toys discreet and that leads to a lot of embarrassment if the security guard wants you to open up the discreet packaging and show what is inside. Keeping it visible but neatly packed will not raise unnecessary questions.

Remove all batteries

This step is taken to ensure that your sex toys do not get switched on accidentally while your baggage is being handled or shuffled. Store your batteries in a separate bag that can be locked so that they don’t come out into your luggage and get lost.

Recharge your sex toys

Since you will not be using batteries, always ensure that you have recharged your sex toys before leaving. This is to ensure that if you are asked to switch it on at the security, you have no issues. Since 2014, a rule has been passed for all electronic devices to be checked before going into the aircraft.

Seal the lubricants

Seal your lubricants in small 100 ml or 80 ml bottles so that nothing spills and you maintain the rule of cabin-baggage.

It is not even that difficult to carry sex toys along as you can see on It is all about knowing the rules.…