Bird Watching And Marine Binoculars

People purchase binoculars for different reasons, Some may like to enjoy the birds flying up in the sky, some may like watch the planets and constellations and some like to carry it with them on their travel. Though the reason for using binocular may vary, everybody wishes to observe the object keenly. But the way the objects are being viewed varies. This depends on the binoculars they use and the way they handle it.

Users of binoculars in different fields use different types of binoculars. Click here to know the best binoculars in 2017. Here is a crisp information on the binoculars that are used for bird watching and sailing.

Bird Watching:

  • It is better to choose one with a light weight as it involves carrying it with you or hanging around your neck.
  • Anti reflection coating must be good to avoid the glare when it is viewed up in the sky.
  • Consider the image quality, sharper the image, the clearer will be the color and appearance of birds.
  • Binoculars of adjustable focus are preferred to enjoy the flight of birds.


When a person has to use it on the boat, it becomes a mere waste if he or she has a binocular with a larger magnification. This is because binoculars will generally be used in ships to view the boats nearing them and the lands that are far away. A close look at a distant boat will make less sense when the distance of the boat from the ship is not known. So, note down the below points while considering marine binoculars

  • Binocular with a magnification value similar to 7x is better when compared to 12x.
  • Choose one which can withstand bad weather and fog.
  • It sometimes happens that binoculars may come in contact with water. So, it is better to have one with a water proof body.
  • The field of view must be large to focus a larger area from the binocular.