Getting A Vietnam Visa For US Citizens

It is a general assumption that having a powerful US passport can help you to travel anywhere in the world without having to worry about a visa. However, this does not hold true for a country like Vietnam that does require a visa from US citizens to visit for both personal and business purposes. While there are speculations regarding extending a waiver program to the United States, nothing has been confirmed yet. So if you have a US passport and are planning to travel to Vietnam, you might want to know a few significant details.

Visa in 2 ways

There are 2 ways to obtain Vietnam visa while traveling from the United States. The first option is to obtain the visa before arrival at the embassy or the consulate and the second option is Visa On Arrival. Needless to say, the visa on arrival is more beneficial to travelers than the traditional form of visa. However, embassies still continue to play an important role in Vietnamese visas. Visa On Arrival works well for those who travel by air but if you plan to enter Vietnam via land, it is a wiser idea to obtain a full visa from the embassy before you reach the border.

The Vietnam visa fee for US Citizen is comparatively lower if you happen to apply for a group of more than 3 people. The visa fee is subject to changes depending on the amount of time taken to process the fee.

There are a few documents that you need to present while getting your visa stamped. These include your original passport (should have a validity of 6 months), approved visa, completely filled out entry and exit form and one passport size photograph. The visa stamping takes around 10-20 minutes because there is usually a short queue.