About Us

This blog was created in 2015. I live in California and it has always been my dream to travel. I wanted to make local travel for fun for people. In this travel blog, you will be able to connect to various local destinations. I have traveled in many parts of US and I want to share my experience of each place with you all.

I believe that every place is different and special. You just need to look for it. Whenever I travel, I try to find what’s special about that place. I try out local food, try to know the culture, historical places, etc. I even use the local transportation. I believe it’s more fun to live the way the local people do when you travel to a new place. This way you get to know many things about that place.

If you are interested in local travel, then you can visit my blog. You will find loads of interesting places to visit and enjoy. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles.